My Story

Hello, I am Lesley Ann Penistone, a neurodevelopmental movement and retained primitive reflex instructor in Woking, Surrey.

Through experiences in my wider family I wanted to understand why some children, for no apparent reason have emotional, behavioural, social and educational problems? Why these children are stuck in a state of overwhelm when they show signs of being capable, having intelligence and their sibling, without much effort, makes huge leaps forwards in their development and maturity?

I discovered and read up on primitive reflexes. In the womb and early stages of life, we are coded with a number of reflexes that not only aid survival in the womb but in the birthing process and also serve to ensure the survival and safety of the newborn into early infancy. These primitive reflexes are instinctive, involuntary and repetitive movements that are directed from the brainstem. They are made without engaging the brain. They are designed to aid survival and development in the womb and in infancy.  These repetitive movements build neural pathways, assisting in the myelination of these pathways, connecting the different parts of the brain. As the movements become more practised and controlled, the movements are integrated, making way for postural reflexes.

Problems in natural development can occur when these primitive reflexes do not emerge or become stuck or retained.

I discovered Rhythmic Movement Training International.  I trained in their neuro developmental movement programme that checks for retained primitive reflexes and prescribes movements to help integrate the reflexes.  I have also trained in Exercise and Sound in Education and to date am certificated in the Musgatova Method and Brain Gym.  Again, movement programmes helping with development.

I work with clients in a one to one session.  I have also designed a group session for children and can train and advise on short sessions of movement to restore focus. .