Services I Offer


One to one sessions in my clinic in Woking.  In certain cases, I can arrange to travel to you. Appointments are monthly and take around an hour.

Challenges Bootcamp

A very effective and really very special hour of physical activity.  It offers children with anxiety a place to come and take part whilst their parents/care givers sit and watch, and more times than not, take part along with their children.  Similar can be offered to schools, clubs and charities.

Baby Challenges Bootcamp

A group session of mums and their new born babies. Offered to those who have had an even more traumatic experience during birth than usual.  Incorporating movements to encourage rhythm and symmetry, calming touch, hints and tips to encourage development in a friendly group.

Corporate Days

I am here to work with the Mental Health Optimising the health and wellbeing of employees, helping colleagues with issues around focus, meeting deadlines and medical conditions, such as anxiety.  Creating a happier and much more productive work environment.