I have recently been asked how does RMT actually help? I thought I would share some of my successes. These are real cases where I have helped children and adults alike. A 7 year old with sensory processing issues was brought to see me. Mum was having no luck getting her child to sleep before 11pm every night. The movements given to the family to do on their child were done every evening, after bath time and before storytime at 7pm. Within one week the child was falling asleep during storytime and slept through the whole night. A client with anxiety visited to see if the RMTi movement plan could help. The client was able to carry out these movements without being aided by a parent/carer. After two months, the client had a very tricky situation to deal with. In the past would not have dealt with the situation and would have fled to safety as is usual when someone has a retained fear paralysis reflex. On this occasion the client was able to deal with the enormity of the situation faced and felt very empowered after the event. A young adult came to see me due to his concentration, confidence, physical abilities including handwriting. At the first visit it was quite astonishing to see that the client, when asked to lie straight on the floor, had very little alignment. His legs were not straight, his ankles were very loose and his feet pointing in different directions. Within a couple of months of working on integrating active primitive reflexes, the client passed exams and went on to university, has undertaken a completely new life. I am told has a lot more energy and is walking a lot straighter. After one month his body was straight and symetrical when lying down. In total this took just a couple of months of a few minutes a day worth of movements. A child came to see me with ADHD. After 3 months of working on his retained reflexes by completing a few minutes worth of neural developmental movements each evening, the client had reported a definite change in his ability to stop and think before acting, weighing up a situation first. This led to increased and deeper friendships, being awarded a certificate for concentration, a feeling of wellbeing and being included plus much improved school reports. The client told me he was proud of himself. These are some of the responses to my work and the reasons why I love RMTi and my line of work.