Challenges is expanding :-)

At the moment Challenges Bootcamp is running on a Sunday, 9.30 am at the Vyne, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2SP

From Wednesday 31st October 2018 we will be running the same session at the Youth Club in Cranleigh. This is from 4.00 pm for one hour.

From Thursday 1st November 2018, we can be found at the Church of England School, Frimley. The sessions will start at 4.30pm.

Here are some photos taken recently. Published with the parents permission of course.

The purpose of the bootcamp is to offer a club for children with anxiety and SEN to attend. It is non judgemental, non competitive and parents stay. No matter what is going on with the child's development, it is important, if at all possible, that they have a sense of belonging and feel part of something as well as to move.

Children need to love physical activity. We all know only too well that they don't get enough physical movement these days. This is due to protection from the outside world, gaming, school starting earlier, funding for PE and the other arts being reduced in education. This is all having a dramatical effect on the child's development.

It is recognised now, with neuro science being the fastest growing science out there, that the body and brain are connected. The way to build the neuro pathways is by movement. So if a child has anxiety or a SEN and anxiety then it is so very important to get the child out and about moving around.

Having said all of that, Challenges Bootcamp hopes that the child will grow his or her self esteem, become more confident as well as developing the vestibular system, the proprioceptive system, helping with balance, vision by tracking, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, fitness and strength....and before we know it, smiles and laughter.